dimu oma

dimu oma deme

I dream where a little girl came to me asking me about Broken English
I just told her the meaning of what she ask and she went away
Very beautiful baby like age of six
She ask I dey

I dream where you come to Nigeria
I took you to restaurant but you said the food is too spicy
So we left



Is that K, the one who stepped on me?

When you enter that place,
they will give you a very nice sound

I saw you holding the beautiful pussycat with your younger sister A in the metro station where we are about to board the train. We are on queue when I walk to you from behind to touch you thinking that you weren’t noticing me but you offered me milk with a feeding bottle (the best dream of my life).


doggy beach

There is so much glass in my parents’ house that I see rainbows everywhere.

At night the silence makes my ears ring.

We face west, so the sunsets are blinding, and at dawn everything is pastel. Most mornings, the water is glassy. I like mornings.

There is a cute brick church nearby with a Lady Chapel. It sits next to a former schoolhouse now converted into a beer garden, and a tennis court where four elderly ladies play doubles at 7 a.m. like nobody’s business.

There is a section of the beach that is fenced off. It is a beach for dogs. This neighbourhood is so white.